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Subject: ASAP Conference Call Notes, June 8 2004

ASAP Conference Call, June 8, 2004


  • Mayilraj Krishnan, Cicso
  • Sameer Predhan, Fujitsu
  • Keith Swenson, Fujitsu
  • Nicole, Handysoft
  • Susan Muldoon, Handysoft
  • John Fuller, Individual
  • Jeffrey Ricker, Individual
  • Ash Parikh, Iopsis
  • Justin Brunt, Staffware
  • Adrian, Staffware

Agenda Items

  • Handysoft pretest was successfully accomplished last Friday using the .Net client connecting to a server at their site.
  • I wish to recognize the help that Mayilraj Krishnan has been doing keeping the spec up to date.  He has new "g" version of specification uploaded to site, including a document showing the differences between this version and earlier versions.
  • New demo scenario document on server contains results of discussions last week, corrections to make consistent with specification. One issue that came from Friday's interop pre-test is that Handysoft was not prepared to handle a GetProperties request to the process instance. This is not actually part of the demo script, but the client has the ability to make it. Should we keep this in, or not.
    • susan: agree that GetProperties is important, Handysoft is OK with implementing that request/response for the demo. Staffware has implemented GetProperties to factory, but still working on implementing GetProperties to instance.

  • Status of implementations
    • .Net client: latest on site - not sure it validated the change to history and event - will check this soon.
    • Fujitsu: up to date with latest schema in specification and test client, full round trip is supported. The "retail" role is implemented for the ASAP scenario, still working on the "manufacturer" role of WfXML scenario.
    • Staffware status: factory works, instances not quite finished. Pretest in next couple of days.
    • EasyASAP: client now up to date, working on testing most recent changes with the test client this morning. new version will have result data mock up, started testing this morning, hopefully round trip this afternoon. Recall completed request was faulting due to missing key. Expect to have it running today or tomorrow.
    • Handysoft: successful tst on Friday. Need to tweak for latest schema changes, and add GetProperties on instance resource, but expected in a few days.

  • extended scenarios: getting the client to server to server tested starting this week. Not strictly necessary, but tells a much better story.
  • Staffware is providing a backup .Net client machine. The machins is there, but a few permissions problems need to be ironed out. The address is and should be available in a few days.
  • ws-addressing status: There have been discussions at the W3C architecture committee level about forming a group to standardize WS-Addressing, but that is all we know at this point.
  • There is a LOT of interest from the community right now: besides the webinar on May 18, Keith will be speaking to Meta Group this week, an editor from Info World, and other press and analysts. Keith will upload the PPT slides from presentations to the site so that other can use them when talking about ASAP.
  • Where is the latest client? Sameer will upload the latest clietn and server zip files to the site so that everyone will have access to the latest.

Open Floor

  • Question from Nicole at Handysoft. Why did you make the change to "complex data type" and when will the changes stop? Actually this was not a change. The demo data is the same as it always was, which is a set of name and scalar value pairs. In order to describe this with XML Schema you must use a "ComplexType" tag, but this does not imply that there is any increase in complexity. There was always the requirement to use a ComplexType tag, but the specification was ot clear on exactly how to use this. We have extended the specification to make this clear, but it does not represent any change in functionality.
  • Comment from Sameer: client there is a button called "list instances". Nice to have, to show off and test implementation. But not part of demo, and so every participant may not have this implemented. Staffware is implementing list instances to list the cases. Should be done right away. Demo client is useful for trade show, but also useful in general. Keith will investigate whether it is possible to disable the button for demo timeframe.
  • interop demo document should be full examples of the messages. GetProperties on instance is missing, but what else is missing? EasyASAP had a problem implementing the CompleteRs message when the .Net client was not accepting the message. Was using URL at the site for namespace. client makes some assumptions about the URL. Context data schema and result data schema must have a namespace which is a generated URL which is unique for the factory. John will do more testing and see if there are any remaining issues.

Keith D Swenson, kswenson@us.fujitsu.com
Fujitsu Software Corporation
1250 E. Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(408) 746-6276   mobile: (408) 859-1005


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