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Subject: News about ASAP

I have given three presentations on ASAP this week. 
The first was a presentation to Hollis Bischoff of Meta Group.  We had only a half an hour but were able to make it through the slides and she obviously understood it.  At the end I asked her two questions:  Does this seem useful?  "Yes."  Do you know of any other groups working on something like this?  "No.  Everyone's answer is Web services will do this.  When you ask the business users how will Web services do it they say, 'I don't know my programmers will do it -- but they're not.'."  She definitely understood that the key is not what is possible with a programmer, but what is actually able to be used in real time.
Second presentation was to InfoWorld did not go as well, we were rushed, and I think the reporter had a cold so he may not have been feeling well enough to take in a complex subject like this.
The third was to Sandra Rogers of IDC.  I was glad to have an hour to talk around some of the issues.  The statement "ASAP can be seen as a simple fixed standard choreography that uses the other web services standards being developed" helped her to understand the relationship of ASAP to other standards.  She suggested we should talk to Grand Central (see below).  I asked her the same two questions and she agreed that this is very useful and unique.
Grand Central is providing a VAN for web services.  They have a lot of externally listed "stateless" web services.  They also add value by providing "asynchronous" version of these services.  here is a quote from their site:  "A Post Binding allows a user to send a message to an endpoint service asynchronously just as they would any send it to a service synchronously.  However, instead of the actual response being returned, Grand Central returns a postmark which is used later for correlation."  Very interesting.  It seems like they might be interested in being a VAN for asynchronous services.  We should talk to someone there about ASAP.  Anybody know anyone there?

Keith D Swenson, kswenson at us.fujitsu.com
Fujitsu Software Corporation
1250 E. Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(408) 746-6276   mobile: (408) 859-1005


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