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Subject: ASAP / Wf-XML 2.0 Repeat Demo, July 1 2004

Title: Wf-XML 2.0 and ASAP Repeat Demo, June 2004

This is to notify the ASAP TC that WfMC is presenting the OASIS ASAP and Wf-XML Demo again.


The REPEAT live demonstration webcast will take place online Thursday July 1 at 12:00-12:45 Eastern Daylight Time


Info below.





Layna Fischer, General Manager

Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC)

2436 North Federal Highway #374, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064, USA

Phone +1 954 782 3376, Fax +1 954 782 6365

email: layna@wfmc.org             http://www.wfmc.org/


Workflow Handbook 2004 now available – order online



Wf-XML 2.0 and ASAP Demonstration, July 1
Repeat of LIVE Demo at BPM Conference, San Francisco
Owing to overwhelming demand, the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) is repeating this LIVE
demonstration of products that have implemented the Wf-XML 2.0 web protocol.  
We are inviting key individuals from workflow and BPM user organizations interested in 
observing this demonstration to join us on a LIVE webcast.
Wf-XML is built upon OASIS ASAP, so it is simultaneously a demonstration of ASAP interoperability.
An observer needs to do almost nothing: they are 
simply stating that they care that the demo takes 
place, and are interested in the results of the demo.  
An observer is not endorsing anything.  
They are essentially only signing up to be an audience.  They do 
not have to travel anywhere, as the demonstration will 
be on the Internet, and can be accessed equally well 
from any location.
We promise, in return, to provide you with the results 
of the demonstration as an emailed report.
The REPEAT live demonstration will take place online 
Thursday July 1 at 12:00-12:45 Eastern Daylight Time
login and conference details. Webcast is limited to first 
500 callers 
OBSERVER information is here >> 
The demonstration involves three vendors 
and two open-source initiatives in an e-commerce 
workflow scenario in which a client places an order with 
a retailer and the retailer relays the order to a factory. 
Confirmation and status information flows in the other 
direction, from factory to retailer to client, all after 
delays that reinforce the asynchronous behavior of the 
various services involved.
Fujitsu Software, HandySoft and Staffware, which 
make BPM engines, believe the interoperability of Wf-
XML and ASAP can help businesses to get a larger 
return on investment by automating BPM. 
In the demo, there will be a client that has several 
servers around the world. ASAP will be used to show a 
client calling a retailer to place an order. The second 
example will highlight the Wf-XML extension, illustrating 
what happens when the retailer is out of stock and 
must order new materials from the manufacturer.
SIGN UP Information is here >> 
*** About WfMC ***
The WfMC, founded in August 1993, is a non-profit, international organization of workflow vendors, users, 
analysts and university/research groups. The Coalition's mission is to promote and develop the use of of BPM and workflow through the establishment of standards for software terminology, interoperability and connectivity between workflow products. 
Comprising over 300 members throughout the world, the Coalition is the primary standards body for this significant software market.
The creation of the WfMC Standards Reference Model has proved its importance in other areas of technology, most notably the ISO Seven Layer reference model for computer communications.
Please make sure you register as soon as possible. 
Webcast is limited to the first 500 callers.
Keith Swenson
web: http://www.wfmc.org
WfMC | 2436 North Federal Hwy #374 | Lighthouse Point | FL | 33064

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