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Subject: Notes from meeting today

Title: Notes from meeting today

(1) received a list of participants from Layna.  Need to clarify which of these people are really interested in participating, and which actually just want to be an observer.  Justin will compose a form email for the ones with email addresses.  Without email addresses we will have to ignore for now.  FSW will contact Handysoft to find out their intentions, as well as "Together" to find out how much they can participate.

Email (Justin)          Germany
Justin                  BearingPoint                    UK
(No email)                      BSG &Associats                  Spain Catalonia
Email (Justin)          Cisco Systems (Consultant)      US
Email (Justin)          DragonFlow (P) Ltd              India
(No email)                      Ecceleration Limited            Ireland
(No email)                      Extenprise Inc                  USA / India
duplicate of below      FGV-Fundacao Getulio Vargas / Unicomm Business Int      Brazil
Email (Justin)          Fundacao Getulio Vargas Brazil
Email (Justin)          Fundutzi LTD                    United Kingdom
FSW                             HandySoft Global Corporation    USA
(No email)                      IIT Bombay                              India
(No email)                      Innovative Business Design      Australia
Email (Justin)          JITE                                    China
(No email)                      JOOPS Informationstechnik GmbH Germany
Email (Justin)          JTotal                          China
Email (Justin)          Lab of AUTH                             Greece
Email (Justin)          lemon                                   chinese
Email (Justin)          Lithium Software                        Uruguay
(No email)                      Rockwell Automation             Australia
Email (Justin)          Simtech                         Singapore
FSW                             Together Teaml√∂sungen GmbH      Austria
(No email)                      Transition Software International Canada
Email (Justin)          University of Szczecin          Poland
Email (Justin)          Varna University of Economics   Bulgaria
Email (Justin)          Vitech System Group             USA

(2) It was agreed to hold the Feb 28 demo using the same version of the ASAP spec that we used in June.  Tibco is already implemented and does not have resources now.  John says there are comments and changed in WS_Addressing that indicate we might risk implementing something incompatible if we started on that now.  It does mean that if someone wants to join, they will have to implement the "pre-WS-Addressing" version, which is too bad, but a necessary risk.

The Wf-XML demo will consist at a minimum of Tibco and Fujitsu.  We can pretty much count on Together Teamlosungen but need to make sure.  EasyASAP will be there for the asap part.  Need to check on HandySoft.  Not sure about Advantys.  This is enough to go forward on for Black Forest.

(3) Justin has been working with the XPDL process definitions from Advantys and has that working.  Similar processes from Fujitsu might have been damaged during the removal of extended attributes.

(4) WS-Addressing: two main issues: one with groups and validating.  The other with "action" field.  What should it be?  Can we come up with a profile for approaching the "action" setting.

(5) Need to send another message to Yang at FlowRing to see if he can produce the XML Schema for WfXML.


Keith D Swenson, < kswenson at us . fujitsu . com >
Fujitsu Software Corporation
1250 E. Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(408) 746-6276 mobile: (408) 859-1005

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