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Subject: Notes from conference call, Feb 1, 2005

Status of demo testing:
Tested Fujitsu to JaWE/Shark (Enhydra). 
1. Wf-XML 2.0 protocol worked, able to upload and download.
2. XPDL was not entirely compatible.  Couple of problems identified, and most fixed.  None required a change to the spec.
3. ASAP interactions worked.  Minor problem with date format, but Fujitsu implementation made to accept more date formats.
TIBCO:  Frustrated with IS team, so the machine is not yet open to the outside world.  Hopefully firewall will be set up by the end of the day today.  Then can follow through with TIBCO to JaWE/Shark, and TIBCO to Fujitsu.
Question from Michael Ruiz about documents, and was given some pointers to information.
Will exchange XPDL file samples by email in order to determine if there is a problem with XPDL interoperability.  Also TIBCO can try downloading JaWE implementation.
Logistics:  Time for demo  11:30 to 12:30.  The rest of the day the room is reserved for WfMC. WG1 needs half day.
People registered for the WfMC face to face.  Kwang Hun Kim (Korea),  __, Together Team, Sasa Bojanic, Yoshi from NEC, Robert Shapiro, Mike Marin, Julie Janks Handysoft, Eric B (Greece), Justin Brunt.    Room is full, 100 seat, 99 confirmed.  Observers: 769 new online participants since October.  Press release, need 2 week advance notice for this.  Slides are needed a week before to print.
Goal: talk again in two weeks, and have every combination tested and any open issues resolved.
Keith D Swenson, < kswenson at us . fujitsu . com >
Fujitsu Software Corporation
1250 E. Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
(408) 746-6276 mobile: (408) 859-1005
-----Original Message-----
From: Sameer Pradhan
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 9:53 AM
To: 'asap@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: Regular ASAP conf call Tuesday Feb 1


ASAP TC members,
We will have our  regular ASAP conf call Tuesday Feb 1st 10am pacific, 1pm eastern.
Here are the same dial-in details:

us toll free: +1 888 942 8686
other: +1 678 259 1046
conference id: 2270680#



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