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autorepair message

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Subject: AW: [autorepair] Materials from Meeting on 18-10-02

Dear Mr. Karl Best,
As an active participating member we are very unhappy and surprised to see
(http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tc-voting/200210) that you opened the
voting to a wide range of people or even to the public. By looking into it
in detail we found out that the voting list is full of spam mails. 

We would like to ask you to please give us immediate and detailed
explanations to the following questions:

1.	How could this happen in the first place? 
2.	How are valid counts in the voting process evaluated? 
3.	Are the spam mails counted in the voting? If not describe our
process in order to receive "clean" voting.
4.	Do members have to expect additional spam mails in their postboxes
due to participation in the votings? 
5.	How do you make sure, that member profil data, including
email-addresses are safe? Or do we already know the answer and 	should read
the general terms and conditions again? 
6.	Do we have to asume that this actual status coralates to the quality
of service and standards of OASIS? 
7.	Without wanting to down-grading the work of any active TC-members,
we have to question the technical quality of the 	standards. Or in
other words, are you aware of possible outcomes of de jure standards,
resulting in additional hugh 	invests for specific industries, forced to
adaped to these so called standards?

Dear Mr. Best, it is our strong belive that by paying our member fees, we
can expect a substantially and far more better service quality.

Please give us and all participating members detailed information and
feedback to our questions and in particular how you plan to avoid these
problems in the future. Thank you very much for your cooperation.  

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Klaus Kerth

Volkswagen AG
Postfach 1941/1
Head of Volkswagen Service Information and Documentation Management
D-38436 Wolfsburg

Fon +49-5361-9-23671
eFax +49-5361-9-5723671

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