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Subject: XML Data Binding


XSD's are excellent at describing a standard, but ultimately programs need
to be written to create or consume compliant XML. Their are a number of ways
of doing this, DOM parsers SAX parsers or XML Data Binding.

XML Data binding takes your XSD, and generates classes from it. Each class
represents an element or complex type from the schema. Now instead of
writing mountains of unintuitive code to deal with DOM objects, you can
reference the simple generated classes dealing with strongly typed
properties. XML documents can be serialized/deserialized from these objects.

This has a number of advantages;
    o Much faster development
    o Higher level of compliance to schema
    o Inconsistencies between code and schema can be identified at compile

Here at Liquid Technologies we have spent the last 3 years developing and
refining a system that is now best of breed, generating Java, C#, cross
platform C++ or Visual Basic 6 code from XSD, XDR & DTD's schemas.

A free evaluation is available from our site

Thank you for your time

Simon Sprott. 

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