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Subject: (OTCBB: PBOTF)Ready To Move!!!



Company Name: Penn Biotech Inc.

Stock Symbol: OTCBB: PBOTF

Current Price: $1.60

Shares Outstanding: 19,000,000

Approx. Float: 11,000,000

2 Week Target: $2.85

3 Month Target: $10.00


Penn Biotech Inc Overview:


Penn Biotech Inc. (PBOTF:BB) is in the process of a



The management has long established ties with Asia, on

both personal and business levels. The technology

behind the seed potato business of Penn was developed

in Korea, and Penn was able to license its development

 because of those management ties.


The transformation that is taking place is developing

the company into a technology holding company, by

acquiring other Asian technologies and bringing them

to the North American product markets and, by so

doing, building the company up to the point where its

shares would qualify to trade on a major US exchange.

In this way, US multiples can be realized on the

stock, and access gained to the vastly larger pools of

capital in the US.


To this end, the company has recently signed a letter

of intent to acquire all of the issued and outstanding

shares in another Korean technology company,

Traffic-ITS Co. Ltd., positioning Penn with two world

leading technologies in well established product



About the Technologies


First, Penn Biotech > ->  why should anyone be excited

about potatoes?


Well, the reasons are pretty basic: potatoes are the

second largest agricultural crop by value in the

world. Potatoes for consumption are grown from seed

stock developed through successive generations of seed

potatoes. Each successive generation yields

approximately ten times the number from the previous

generation, it is only economic to grow potatoes for

consumption from the sixth generation The production

cycle is thus very long, and subject to numerous risks

from disease and weather.

The global market size of the seed potato industry was

approximately 35 million tones in 2002, which, at an

average price of US$290 per tonne, gives a total

market value of approximately US$10 The Canadian

market is worth about US$89 million, the US about

US$360 million.


So? What Penn> '> s technology does is to reduce the

cycle by at least one generation > ->  thus reducing

the time to market and the attendant risks. In

addition, because of the way in which the seeds are

propagated, each generation is as strong genetically

as the previous, unlike conventional methods. there

are numerous other, technical advantages that Penn

has, but these two are the essential ones.


Next, Traffic-ITS. The business sector is that of

intelligent transportation management > ->  ITS as the

industry abbreviation has it.


This is a truly huge industry > ->  encompassing

everything from in-road traffic sensors, to GPS car

tracking systems, to traffic monitoring video cameras,

to > "> Amber Alert> ">  systems to LED traffic

lights. Traffic-ITS is the dominant company in this

industry in Korea, with sales having grown from US$7

to US$30 million in the last three years, and future

growth forecast at an increasing rate as the company

expands into the US and China.


The forecast from the US Department of Transportation

is for over US$210 billion to be spent in the next

decade on ITS in the US. China> '> s needs are even

larger, with spending currently running at over US$32

billion per year.


Of the many companies in the industry, very few are in

all aspects of the business, and even for those

companies, such as Siemens, it is only a part of their

business. Traffic is a pure play in this massive



In summary, the combination of two Korean technologies

in two market sectors that are well developed and

growing rapidly represents a company and an investment

opportunity that deserves serious review.




NEWS HEADLINE FROM MARCH 16th 2004:   Penn Biotech

Inc. to Acquire Korean Technology Company 




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company is publicly stated.


There was no compensation paid for this profile.

921 sauve court, n.vancouver - bc. canada.


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