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Subject: [Fwd: Re: [bcm] [Fwd: [bcm-comment] Public Comment]]


OK - enclosed and attached are notes from the list responses.

Let us know if there is more input and if this is enough to get started
with BCM from your perspective.

You may also find useful the full PPT on using BCM that is available


As Mike notes - if there is more - we have bi-weekly calls and that
might be a useful next step to call-in on.

Thanks, DW

Hi David,

This is my take on the question posted.

In the concept layer of the BCM, you address what standards you wish to follow (internally) as part of you architecture type.  If they choose CMM process, they then apply the CMM method, as one facet of the policies, performance standards, portfolio, etc. they intend to follow in going through the 4 levels.  

Is that good enough for you or do you need additional stuff.  The PowerPoint slide addresses what type of topics are addressed for each of the cmm levels and what you consider from a BCM level.

If yes to additional stuff, we have to address it over a telephone call.



 Yes,  Mike and I started on a CMM for BCM.  Apologies that we didn't
push it forward as we might have.  

A couple of thoughts.  

The agile software movement deals with the problem that it is impossible
to anticipate requirements up front, and so emphasizes adaptability in
the development process.  It follows that testing has to be tightly
integrated into design and development, short cycles, small teams, etc.

BCM and related service oriented approaches take an additional step.
Not only can requirements not be anticipated, but systems must be built
to adapt to variable and unanticipated requirements on the fly.   The
CMM for BCM addresses more than the software development process.  It
addresses that ability of the operational (reusable) service components
to adapt to multiple semantic environments (where business requirements
and capabilities vary in unpredictable ways).   

The capability tracks  in the attached CMM matrix address the different
aspects of adaptability.   Mike and I believed this need some additional
thought before we circulated it more widely.  



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