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Subject: Meeting next week - an appetizer

Dear TC members,

I am really looking forward to our TC call next week. I just sent out
the invitation and hope that many of you can attend and participate in
the discussion on the Business Document Exchange Architecture document

We will get two presentations from Thomas Gundel (ITcrew) and Mike
Edwards (IBM), that will give you a lot of the context for the
contribution from the PEPPOL project. If you are not familiar with the
contributions - then I really encourage you to participate in this


Thomas Gundel will give an introduction to the security and trust
model submitted to BDX by the PEPPOL project. Key questions are: How
can service providers be assured that messages sent from other service
providers are in fact sent from service providers that can be trusted?
This also touches on questions of governance.


Mike Edwards will introduce the Addressing Mechanism used in the
PEPPOL project and which has also been submitted to OASIS BDX. Key
concepts are SML - Service Metadata Locator and SMP - Service Metadata
Publisher. http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/bdx/download.php/40930/PEPPOL%20D8_2%20-%20Attachment%20M%20SML.pdf

Hope to meet you online next week

Mikkel Hippe Brun

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