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Subject: RE: [bdx] New version of BDEA uploaded

I have not studied this document fully, but here are some comments:
1) I would recommend starting to use the OASIS specification templates as soon as possible, to save yourselves a lot of editing time later ..
2) In an architecture of 4 corner document exchange, I would have expected to see an explanation or justification of a 4 corner model of communication, and the requirements it addresses.  Instead, the introduction starts with a sweeping statement: "It is widely recognized that the 4-corner model is the right model for secure and reliable exchange of business documents between business partners".  I'm not saying I diagree.  But given that there has been a massive shift away from service provider-based models to peer-to-peer communication and the success of protocols like AS2, this statement deserves more justification.
3) The document proposes that all Access Points must support a default transport protocol and proposes a specific transport protocol.   We discussed this in the past,  and then it was agreed that we would leave such decisions to conformance clauses/profiles.  Multiple conformance profiles could make different choices. 
Any proposed default for transport protocol would need to be justified, e.g. established market share among service providers would perhaps favour adopting AS2 as default protocol since it is the most widely used B2B transport protocol in many parts of the world.
4) The document also proposes a participant identifier scheme that combines scheme identifier and identifier code.  I'm not sure why the specifics of identifier schemes needs to be discussed in an architecture document. There are some ISO standard scheme catalogs, such as 6523, 20022, 9735.  There is also an established OASIS party identifier which has been used for some years and is seeing increased adoption:
I'm not sure why a new method of concatenating catalog identifier, scheme identifier and scheme-specific identifier is needed.

From: Mikkel Hippe Brun [mailto:mhb@tradeshift.com]
Sent: 30 March 2011 10:56
To: Business Document Exchange TC List
Subject: [bdx] New version of BDEA uploaded

If you have time before the BDX meeting later today. Take a look at the following sections: Download Document:

Best regards,

Mikkel Hippe Brun

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Skype: hippebrun
Twitter: @hippebrun  @tradeshift
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