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Subject: RE: [bdx] Terminology and Charter / Frame of Reference

Here’s one further thought.  And I realize here I’m jumping one or two steps ahead of important discussions that haven’t even taken place yet, for which my apologies.  Another potential name for this TC might be:


OASIS ebXML Inter-Cloud Backbone TC


In addition to explicitly associating ourselves with the ebXML work, there’s another significant new idea expressed here.  The word “backbone” is explicitly CONCRETE and UNITARY, while clearly referring to the corresponding Internet backbone infrastructure.


This, again, is not something I’d see necessarily changing the scope of work, at least in the near term.  It perhaps would mean some changes to the charter.  Such a broader framing could elicit new interest from Cisco, CA and other interested leading technology players.  That in turn might sooner or later point to a need for parallel efforts not immediately related to Business Document Exchange.  Even then, however, the right structure would probably be to have new subcommittees created to focus on those parallel efforts, enabling this TC to maintain its focus.




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