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Subject: Re: [bdx] Adressing and Routing document by CEN e-Invoicing workshop

I am currently working on proposed revisions to the e-Invoicing document and will reference BDX  and BDEA in that as well.

PS should we change all their references to BusDox to now be BDX  or BDEA?

On 12/05/2011 04:17, Pim van der Eijk wrote:
3E8BE24ED722481B9332F25E0C00D27D@Roussanne" type="cite">
As discussed on the call, the CEN e-Invoicing workshop is working on a CWA that explains the concepts of addressing and routing in the context of a four corner model, in support of applications like e-invoicing. It discusses many real-life scenarios (including PEPPOL), and mentions the following two standards as solutions:
-  CEN CWA 16063
-  OASIS ebCore Party Id Type
Since this document will be (part of) a CWA itself before the BDX BDEA becomes any kind of standard,  this section of the BDEA could just reference it.
I can't post the draft on this list,  but can get a copy of it for private review by the editors.

Regards, Tim McGrath
fn:Tim McGrath
org:Document Engineering Services
adr:;;PO Box 1289;FREMANTLE;WA;6160;Australia
title:Managing Director
tel;cell:+61 438352228

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