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Subject: Invitation to participate in OpenPEPPOL

Dear PEPPOL participants, developers and observers:

PEPPOL hereby invites you to the first meeting of OpenPEPPOL, which takes place September 19 2011 at 14.00 CEST.


The meeting will be held online and all interested parties are welcome to join in at the following URL:


OpenPEPPOL is a community for users, implementors and everybody else with an interest in PEPPOL. Meetings will be held online at regular intervals and participation is open to everyone wishing to interchange experiences and to discuss PEPPOL implementation issues in general, to receive valuable information firsthand, and to communicate thoughts and ideas to PEPPOL's infrastructure and post-award teams.

This Friday September 15, PEPPOL will be releasing a WSDL file for the START transport protocol along with sample implementations for Metro Java, WebSphere Java and .NET. At the first OpenPEPPOL September 19 we will be introducing these new releases and talk about how they can be used to speed up PEPPOL implementation.

Looking much forward to see you on the 19th!

Best regards,

The PEPPOL infrastructure and post-award teams

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