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Subject: Rechartering update and first meeting of the rechartered TC

Dear TC

First of all, thanks to all the organizational members who have issued statements of support for the rechartering of the TC. For the formal request we needed 2 organizational members to issue a statement of support and 5 members in total to propose the new charter, which we have now way exceeded.

I will send the formal proposal to TC Admin on Thursday this week. Any additional members who wish to appear on the list of proposers and/or organizational members who wish to issue a statement of support, please be more than welcome to do so! Note that organizational members' statements of support must be issued by the organizational member's official OASIS representative.

The roadmap for the rechartering from hereon forward is as follows:

April 12 (in the morning): Formal proposal will be sent to TC Admin.
April 12: Special Majority Ballot to approve the rechartered TC, which will stay open for 7 days.
April 19: Special Majority Ballot closes.
April 20: TC Admin will announce the recharter to OASIS members and a new Kavi group will be opened.
May 2 at 16.00 CEST: First meeting of the rechartered TC.

Please note that as part of the process, the current Kavi group will be replaced by a new one (probably named BDX-R), so all members of the TC have to join the new group.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Best regards,


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