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Subject: Revisions to the submitted revised charter

Hi Kenneth,

Here are the revisions I would like you to make to the submission.

So that I have everything in one communication, would you put a note
at the beginning stating that the TC approved requesting a Special
Majority Ballot to approve its revised charter in its meeting of
<date> and provide a link to those minutes. I know that you gave me
that elsewhere, it will just make life simpler if I have everything in
one place.

Please move the paragraph labelled "Liaisons:" to the non-normative
section of the submission. Please put that in the "Similar or
applicable work:" section. You can add it as a second paragraph.

Regarding the First meeting - I believe GoToMeeting always provides a
call in number for those that can't access the over the Internet.
While this will sound a bit crazy in this day and age, there are
companies (such as Bloomberg LP, the last place I worked) that don't
allow employees to use web meeting software or even Skype! So please
add a sentence saying something like "A conference calling number will
be available for any participants who cannot access the meeting
online" to make sure the meeting is inclusive.

On the list of members supporting rechartering, as you are an
individual member, your affiliation needs to be "Individual member"
not Alfa1lab.

You will need an org statement of support from Difi-Agency or,
alternately, remove Klaus from the list.

You need to add "Name of the Convener:" as the last section. I am
assuming that you are acting as convener so you can just copy your
information there.

That's it. I'll start setting up the ballot now so it can get launched
right away.


Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration
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