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Subject: Re: [bdxr] Re: FW: [ebxml-dev] ISO and UN/CEFACT initiate "Open Data Interchange"Framework Technical Report

Tim, Roger

The UN/CEFACT initiative I mentioned at our last TC meeting was a for
specific "reliable business document exchange across borders". It is my
understanding that this is a different project from the "Open Data
Interchange" project mentioned in Tim's email, and more directly related
to BDXR. But perhaps Tim can elaborate on this?

Tim, yes - after the rechartering was approved, the original BDX group was
closed and a new BDXR group was created. Everyone from the old TC has had
to rejoin the TC. It is just a technical/administrative procedure.

Best regards,


On 5/22/12 4:48 AM, "Tim McGrath"
<tim.mcgrath@documentengineeringservices.com> wrote:

>We have had high level talks with OASIS management before proposing this
>project and they understand that their members are eligible for
>participation and support the overall aims of the technical report.
>It is not just BDXR but also the IebXML, WS-* and other TCs that should
>be interested in participating.  Many of these are listed in the project
>proposal.  So we probably do need to target specific TCs to make them
>aware also and I will take this up with OASIS how they want to do this.
>The project was only approved on May 5th so we are still setting up some
>of the liaison processes.
>PS. I thought I was in the BDXR TC but it appears with rechartering we
>have to rejoin?  I was not aware of this and I have just rejoined.
>Seems very odd as I was a founding member and approved the change!
>On 21/05/12 11:58 PM, Roger Bass wrote:
>> This new effort seems particularly closely aligned with the BDXR TC's
>> Some members of the ebCore TC (Pim, Dale) are also involved in BDXR.  In
>> particular, some efforts are underway to see how parts of the ebXML
>> (e.g. CPPA), as well as the WS-* and other standards might apply to the
>> re-chartered BDXR work.
>> I think there was some brief mention of this ISO and UN/CEFACT
>>initiative at
>> the last TC meeting, but didn't see that this formal announcement had
>> circulated to the OASIS TCs.
>> Tim, Kenneth: would either of you care to say more about the genesis of
>> effort, and to what extent (if at all) there has yet been any
>> with OASIS/BDXR, or discussion of BDXR deliverables feeding into the ODI
>> effort?  In particular, I note that the first ODI work item is the
>> of a Technical Report (TR) for completion and balloting by July 20th.
>> any comments about the expected scope or content of the TR would also
>>be of
>> interest, I expect.  As an OASIS member, you might like to just join the
>> BDXR TC, Tim, or if not Kenneth or I could forward any other emails from
>> you.
>> Regards, Roger
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Tim McGrath [mailto:tim.mcgrath@documentengineeringservices.com]
>> Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 2:10 AM
>> To: ebXML Dev-List
>> Subject: [ebxml-dev] ISO and UN/CEFACT initiate "Open Data Interchange"
>> Framework Technical Report
>> The ebXML community may be interested in participating in the recently
>> announced "Open Data Interchange" Framework Technical Report project
>> The accumulated experience with concepts such as ebXML Core Components
>> (ISO/TS 15000-5) has reached a point where it is now possible to jointly
>> evaluate this experience and envisage a possible common technical
>> in order to encourage greater consistency and effectiveness in the
>> maintenance and development of technical specifications and standards.
>> The project aims to define a consistent and timely way to address and
>> resolve issues of gaps, overlaps, and counter-productive standardisation
>> efforts through:
>> * Describing a coordinated "Open Data Interchange" Framework, fostering
>> integrated work program to meet stakeholder needs in administration,
>> commerce and trade, and
>> * Describing a collaboration process, involving business processes and
>> supporting data that facilitate the open electronic interchange of
>> structured data
>> The goal is to evaluate experiences and describe a common technical
>> framework that will engage other key players involved in standards
>> development and encourage greater consistency and effectiveness of
>> specifications and standards.
>> All interested participants should have expertise in the areas of with
>> knowledge in the area of methodologies and technologies for the open
>> electronic interchange of structured data.
>> This project is open to all members of ISO liaison organizations (such
>> OASIS) through the ISO work item reference ISO/TC 154 N 0659.
>>    For more details see:
>> f
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