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Subject: Request for Use Case updates

Dale, Pim, Susanne et al,


Following meetings Kenneth and I had on Use Cases last week, we were thinking it might be helpful if you were able to add content to some of the use cases you each submitted or were gave input on.


Dale, for you in particular, and realizing this is rather last minute for tomorrow's meeting, it might be helpful to get some more detail on the registry / governance / DDDS related issues.  I think Kenneth was proposing an agenda item for tomorrow to discuss some related issues.  He and I are in any case planning to add some such details.


More broadly on the Use Case process, current thinking is to do roughly as was done on the Id-Cloud TC.  Using that model, we would review the additional detail around Description, Actors, Process.  From that, we'd attempt to pull out names of different elements, and to normalize that terminology.  Although not currently part of our template, we might want to add 'Services' (e.g. Metadata Service / SMP, Metadata Service Locator / SML, Connect Service / Collaboration Authorization Service etc).  The goal might then be to align this with a Reference Architecture, so we could better see how different use cases relate.





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