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Subject: Re: [bdxr] Minutes of BDXR TC meeting 25 July 2012

Dear all,
please find attached a first contribution on evidences.
Due to the fact we are in a holiday period we should postpone to the beginning of september to set up a task force on evidences but, if we have time to start a discussion on this today, we can then define further steps.
There are dome slides taken from an ETSI presentation on REM. This material is for internal use in this TC and covered by the ETSI-OASIS MoW in force.


Attachment: BDXR and edelivery certification.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

Il giorno 07/ago/2012, alle ore 19:17, Kenneth Bengtsson ha scritto:



Roger Bass
Kenneth Bengtsson (chair)
Jon Bosak
Andrea Caccia
Pim van der Eijk
Sander Fieten
Giorgia Lodi
Alfio Raia
Susanne Wigaard


Kenneth gave summarized introduction of the PEPPOL SMP (metadata service). The presentation is available here:

It was discussed that the PEPPOL SMP specifications do not support any form of security, such as authentication or the use of SSL. Dale has previously raised technical issues with using SSL with PEPPOL’s SML/SMP model. In the PEPPOL model, all metadata contained in the SMP is publicly available, though the information is signed so that the authenticity of the information can be verified.
Another security issue relates to the ability to blacklist/whitelist senders. The “Connect” protocol proposed by Pim addresses this issue. We discussed that the “Connect” protocol can be placed either with the metadata service in the architecture or in the gateway itself. Placing the “Connect” protocol with the metadata service raised concerns about how recipients can maintain the blacklists/whitelists. Placing the “Connect” protocol in the gateway raised concerns about creating transport protocol lock-ins. It was agreed to address these issues through the use case documentation.


Following up on end-to-end evidences from last conference call, Susanne noted that this does not necessarily have to be addressed on a protocol/document delivery level but can also be resolved on a document level within the payload of the message, and that e-CODEX has not finally decided on an approach for this. Andrea will take initiative to set up an evidences task force with members of the TC, possibly leaded by Juan Carlos. Andrea will see if there are use cases to add relating to evidences.

Roger and Kenneth will be meeting before next conference call to work on the use cases document and an invite will be send to the mailing list.


CEFACT has confirmed our attendance at the CEFACT Forum meeting in Vienna and that meeting facilities will be provided for us for the days 18, 19 and 20 of September. The 19th in the morning is planned a half-day workshop with CEFACT on the subject of business document exchange.

Members of BDXR who are not already participating in CEFACT are invited to attend. All participants are required to register for the meeting beforehand. Registration form and practical information is provided here:

The website of the event (including schedule for the CEFACT meeting) is here:


There was no other business for this meeting.


August 22 2012, conference call
September 5 2012, conference call
September 18+19+20 2012, face2face meeting
October 3 2012, conference call

Face2face meeting planned for Vienna September 18+19+20 (with the UN/CEFACT Forum meeting).

Kenneth Bengtsson

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