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Subject: Initial DDDS discovery application for metadata services



Attached to this message (and soon to be submitted to OASIS document cache) is an initial draft explaining how to retrieve URLs for metadata services from DNS.


The essential idea takes one page to explain. However, numerous complicating features that have been present in various use cases and discussions are then described. When a variation on DDDS and NAPTR-U exists that covers the complication, that is introduced.


One complication, registration service for protected metadata services, is only enumerated. IMO this topic needs to be added to the agenda of a meeting so that the registration requirements become clearer. Use cases would help the editor here.


Also the complication of “user@domain” identifiers is currently only handled in terms of what a DDDS application would/could enable. Possibly some different way of obtaining a URL for a metadata service would be useful to standardize. But if the mechanism is just to send an email with the link, or Google for a link to the service, or be invited to a site to register for access to a service, it is perhaps enough to mention these mechanisms as alternative de facto mechanisms that provide a different approach to distributing service discovery links. These solutions would probably not work as a foundation for automated programmatic discovery.


So registration, enumeration of metadata or registration service values, and a detailed run through of processing steps are sections that remain to be captured.


Once there is a rough consensus on these sections, I will insert the text into the OASIS format and add references and other boilerplate needed. So this draft is just a submission for discussion and not even a working draft at the moment.


Dale Moberg





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