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Subject: Minutes of BDXR TC meeting 6 September 2012



Jens Aabol
Roger Bass
Kenneth Bengtsson (chair)
Juan Carlos Cruellas
Pim van der Eijk
Sander Fieten
Giorgia Lodi
Dale Moberg
Alfio Raia
Sven Rasmussen
Susanne Wigard

Leave of absence:
Andrea Caccia


The face2face meeting in Vienna was planned in detail. The finalized agenda is available here:

For day 1, Kenneth will prepare a discussion of the overall architecture, governance models and legal/contractual aspects of trusts in relation to governance. Susanne will prepare a presentation of the newly proposed regulation of e-signatures in the EU (the draft regulation can be found here: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/policy/esignature/eu_legislation/regulation/index_en.htm) and a discussion of the complex routing mechanisms in e-CODEX.

Day 2 we are participating in a workshop on business document delivery held together with the CEFACT Forum and possibly others as well. After the workshop we will have an internal discussion in the TC about the TC’s possible involvement and alignment with CEFACT initiatives. For the afternoon, Pim and Roger will prepare a discussion of the “Connect” protocol and of metadata representation formats. Roger will not unfortunately not be present at the meeting but will hopefully be able to participate remotely.

Dale will prepare as discussion of service discovery and DNS for the morning of the last day of the meeting. Thereafter we start working on the use cases document.

A GoToMeeting conferencing facility will be available during the meeting for those who are not able to participate physically. The meeting room number / dial-in numbers will be the same as for our biweekly conference calls (a separate email will be send out with the details).


Roger is working hard on the use cases. To make them as ready as possible for the face2face meeting (and to make our time at the meeting as efficient as possible), everyone is encouraged to participate.


Roger is making progress with the Remittance Coalition who is showing increased interest in BDX. Roger will keep us updated.

The Remittance Coalition is an ad hoc group of senior US financial insititutions, solution providers and industry associations chaired by the US Federal Reserve, and focused on automating B2B payment and remittance processes. X9, the financial industry standards committee accredited by ANSI, also participates.


Next conference call will be replaced by our face2face meeting in Vienna from September 18 to 20. A GoToMeeting online meeting / conference call facility will be available throughout the meeting for members participating remotely.

Regular conference call schedule will resume in October:

October 3 2012, conference call
October 17 2012, conference call
October 31 2012, conference call

Kenneth Bengtsson

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