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Subject: Identifier issues - "DDDS complications"

Dale et al,


In doing some work on the BDX Use Cases and related matters, I came across the following that seemed potentially relevant to the DDDS work you’ve been leading, Dale – and perhaps our discussions of MetaData-related specs.  I didn’t really feel competent to assess how relevant this is, if at all, but wanted to draw it to your attention.


In particular, “complications” noted in your document and elsewhere include:

·         Varied identifier schema, including emails, urls and ISO 6523 standard identifiers

·         The use of “special” (i.e. community-specific) domains for discovery / locator endpoints


In reviewing the OpenID Connect Discover spec, http://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-discovery-1_0.html#ProviderDisc I noted this section on Identifier Normalization, referring to the use of Identifiers including email, urls… but also referring to XRIs (OASIS Extensible Resource Identifier spec here)


There’s also an XRI Wiki, that also refers to XRDs (Extensible Resource Descriptors) – and in particular on that Wiki, a DDDS Application for XRD Discovery.


See what you think.



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