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Subject: GDSN's network architecture for service integration for global communities.



I was talking to Sean Lockhead at a meeting this week in Dublin. I asked him if he would be willing to present on how the global data synchronization network (GDSN) allows manufacturers to keep buyers (mainly retail resellers) aware of new GTINs for their products. Registry, subscription, and a data validation service are all structural parts of the system that uses intermediaries (providing data pools and other services) used by producers and buyers. This is an important multi-corner system that BDX really should be able to cover (IMO).


Sean has joined BDXr as a member and would be willing to introduce us to the GDSN use case at our next meeting.


Kenneth, do you think it would be possible to add this introduction to GDSN to the agenda for the next meeting?



Dale Moberg


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