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Subject: eBusiness in the fashion, textile, clothing and footwear industries

I was contacted by Piero Desabata of ENEA who is participating in the CEN Workshop eBusiness in the fashion industry, textile, clothing and footwear - eBIZ http://www.cen.eu/cen/Sectors/Sectors/ISSS/Workshops/Pages/EBIZ-TCF.aspx.  Four corner architecture concepts are very relevant to them, as they have a need to interconnect various supplier and retail networks for SMEs across Europe.  Newer technologies like AS4 and the dynamic discovery technologies we are working on in BDXR are being considered for their upcoming CWA. The EBIZ TCF workshop follows an earlier European project in these industries, http://www.ebiz-tcf.eu/.
I thought it would be a good idea to ask Piero or a colleague to present their work at an upcoming meeting, for some of our specifications we do not seem to have consensus on requirements yet so additional presentations could be useful.  ENEA (in Bologna, Italy) has for many years been working on standards-based technologies to support e-business for SMEs. They have been involved in OASIS and CEN and have been active supporters of UBL and ebXML for years. Piero is willing to present.

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