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Subject: Intuit-Tradeshift deal announcement etc



A deal between Intuit and Tradeshift was recently announced, as I only just now realized (thank you Pim).



I am Intuit’s business manager on this project (as a consultant, for now at least).  Even just with these two parties (Intuit-Tradeshift), this is fairly clearly a “Large Scale Pilot”.  Some aspects of that project may well overlap with BDX, and I’m having those internal conversations now.  In parallel – outside the scope of that project for now at least, but clearly related – are some discussions I’m facilitating with various leading financial players in the US, including the core banking networks.  Those also relate to the BDX scope – specifically focusing on B2B Payments and notions of a Federated Directory.  There’s not at this point any official Intuit involvement, or synthesis of those efforts with Intuit-Tradeshift, though I wouldn’t rule out that possibility.









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