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bdxr message

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Subject: BDX Location

Dear all,

Sorry for missing the last BDX call. I am wondering if you discussed the BDX Location. I know we got some comments from TAB that need to be addressed.

Draft specifications in a project I'm involved in reference the BDX Location specification. For acceptance, the specification should be more than a Committee Draft. Therefore I am hoping that we can address the comments, update the specification and readopt it as CD and soon after approve it as a Committee Specification.

After that, we could also propose it as an OASIS Standard. I know Dale implemented the specification in Python and Javascript for client and Bind for server. I implemented it in Python for client support using Twisted Names as a DNS server. IT.NRW has implemented BDX Location in Java and is running it also with Bind. There may be other implementations but at least we have three statements of use.

The OASIS process imposes a high minimum number of votes and recently a ballot failed due to lack of support. So submitting for OS vote has some risks ..

When is our next scheduled meeting?

Kind Regards,

Pim van der Eijk

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