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Subject: Updates to the SMP document

Dear all

As promised I have reformatted the SMP document using the starter document and OASIS styles – please see attached.

I also gave the document an in-depth review trying to look at it with new eyes, and made note of a number of changes I believe to be necessary and/or major improvements. The main issues are:
  • The document consequently makes references to "BUSDOX" though we don't have a definition or explanation of what "BUSDOX" is. This is a leftover from PEPPOL where we in general had less generic definitions. Furthermore, "BUSDOX" in the SMP specification sometime refers also to specific instances of the PEPPOL policies and to the START and LIME protocols. We need to either make a definition of "BUSDOX" in the specification and subsequently edit occurrences in the document to adhere to this definition, or we need to edit "BUSDOX" out of the document entirely.
  • The reason for having two schemas seems to be that there is one specific schema for SMP and one schema that is used commonly between SMP, START and LIME. I have not been able to find xsd for the common schema in the PEPPOL specifications, only in specific software implementations. Where this use of a "common library" made sense in PEPPOL I do not think that it makes sense in BDXR, and I cannot see why we should not consolidate the schemas in one single xsd. All components of such schema are already in the document in the schema for the REST interface and in various pseudo schemas. Any thoughts or comments on this from our XML schema experts?
  • The text from the PEPPOL Commons document that we inserted seems also to contain some PEPPOL specific policies here and there. We need to weed this out. I've made some notes but would like to discuss before making any changes.
Actual changes that I've made to the document so far:
  • Moved XML schema to XSD file and updated declared namespace accordingly.
  • Moved the pseudo schema for the REST interface from chapter 3 to Appendix B.
  • Moved non-normative examples to Appendix C.
  • Moved revision history to Appendix D.
  • Updated conformance clause (chapter 4).
  • Updated Acknowledgements in Appendix A with members of the TC and inserted credits for organizations and individuals authoring the original PEPPOL SMP specification.
  • Reformatted entire document using OASIS SMP starter document and general OASIS formatting styles.
Please note that the attached document is not yet a finished working draft. There are still changes to be made. I have highlighted all places in the text that I believe we need to address.

Due to unforeseen events out of my influence, I am unfortunately not able to make the conference call this week. If someone is able to step in and chair the meeting please let me know and I will send you the Gotomeeting credentials. If not we unfortunately must cancel this week's call, or reschedule to a different timeslot this week.

Best regards,


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