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Subject: BDX Envelope Straw-man Working Draft 01

Fellow BDXR TC committee members,

I have updated the skeleton working draft 01 of committee specification draft 01 with a straw-man working draft 01. Subsequent working drafts will now bump up the working draft number until we get a complete committee specification draft to vote on.

Based on the last call I have taken the requirements and business objects contributed by the UBL TC (and not any other requirements yet, sorry, Ole) and created a straw-man complete package:


In this package you will find working schemas and the following sample instance and scripts for both Windows and Linux that will validate the sample instance with the working schemas:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Envelope xmlns="http://docs.oasis-open.org/bdxr/ns/bde/1.0/Envelope";
        <myElement>My Content</myElement>
        <myElement>My Content</myElement>
        <myElement>My Content</myElement>

Please note that we have not yet received a formal acceptance by OASIS TC Administration on the proposed namespace URI strings. They are already considering them, so we should know by our next meeting.

You will also find the model expressed as an Open Office Spreadsheet and as a genericode serialization of the CCTS components. These reflect the online collaborative editing version of the envelope model found here:


The schemas are complete with digital signature ability (though I haven't taken time yet to create an example signed envelope, so it is untested but I think it is ready to go).

Please remember than nothing in this package is frozen ... all of it is subject to our changing things around. But we were talking in the abstract during our call last Wednesday and so I thought it best for us to progress this topic by pulling together a complete package so we can tear it apart and rebuild it as necessary. We can still add any business objects we want (I know you have some, Ole), we can still change any documentation we want, we can still add things (we don't have any code lists so I don't think we need two-phase validation), and the documentation is incomplete (what terms and concepts do we need to define for the reader?).

I've run out of time to add more to this straw-man at this time. I have other obligations through the rest of the week, but this gives you 10 days to review the package before our next teleconference call.

And you can actually run these schemas based on the model given to us by the UBL TC.

I look forward to your suggestions of how to tear apart and rebuild this straw-man into what we need. At least now we can talk in concrete terms and not just concepts.

. . . . . . . . Ken

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