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Subject: BDE requirements

Dear all

As agreed at our last TC meeting I have tried my best to draft a complete set of requirements for the BDE based on known requirements and discussions:


Please feel encouraged to comment, edit, discuss and correct me everywhere you feel beneficial.

The requirements are written so as to match the conclusions of the discussion that followed our last TC meeting (recap of the discussion here: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/bdxr/201502/msg00016.html). Some of these conclusions include action items to make changes to the working draft 03 of the BDE specification, why the draft BDE requirements may differ from what was implemented in the BDE specifications wd 03.

I have as well created a simple gap analysis / requirements mapping between the first draft of the BDE requirements and the CEN BII requirements that were submitted to the TC:


A few thoughts on some of the requirements/implementations:

- "InstanceHashAlgorithm", is there any reason why the user must be able to specify the hash algorithm used or could we improve usability by removing this field and instead specify which algorithm to use?

- “PayloadInstanceEncryptIndicator“, could it include be a reference to the encryption method used (if any) instead of just an indicator as to whether encryption was used?

- “PayloadInstanceProfileID“ and “PayloadInstanceServiceID”, I believe these two could be combined into one since the original requirement is that the other is only necessary if the one is not present (BII requirements MSGE-15 and MSGE-16). The customization ID is a different animal from the profile ID by the way. The customization ID is commonly used to indicate a user community's individual requirements to a document (for example making it mandatory to always include certain information in a document), whereas the profile ID defines a business context. However:

- "CustomizationID" is, I believe always included in the business document itself. So why do we need to have it in the envelope also? Or should there perhaps be a customization ID for the envelope itself?

Finally a note on the "hash of the unencrypted document" discussion: How would you go about verifying the integrity of a document in cases where the sender must remain anonymous? It is my understanding that if signing the envelope then the originator would appear in the signature. If including the hash of the encrypted document then anyone tampering with the envelope could also replace the hash. So I am guessing that the origin of the requirement is to be able to somehow enable that the integrity of the original document can be verified without revealing the identity of the sender.

Best regards,


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