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Subject: Re: [bdxr] Business Document Envelope v1.0 CSD02WD03

At 2015-05-28 16:50 +0000, Kenneth Bengtsson wrote:
Section 2.4.2, the rationale for the PayloadExternalReference seems to be copy-pasted from the RelevantExternalReference and not the corresponding text.

Ouch!  Missed that.  The text proposed earlier offline has been incorporated.

Section 2.5, the ID of the external reference class also supports requirement BDE-19.

Yes, of course.

Perhaps in the description and rationale for the ID we could combine the texts from RelevantExternalReference and PayloadExternalReference to clarify this (I can come up with a suggestion if you want).

Would you accept the following as a basis for your edits?

Supports: BDE-10, BDE-19
Name (UDT): ID (Identifier)
Description: An identifier through which an external resource can be located or de-referenced.
Cardinality: 1
Rationale: Resources not contained within the envelope need to be identified by some mechanism through which the resource can be obtained.

A part from that everything looks great to me!

I'll make up a csd02wd04 with your edits of the above.

Thanks for the detailed review and for finding the mistakes!

. . . . . . . . Ken

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