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Subject: BDE-question



I’ve followed the work on BDE carefully and also presented an update on the project to the CEN-BII team. The progress and result looks very good, completely in line with the requirements specification we’ve published.


I’ve understood that the BDE PayloadContent element now allows for non-xml (but escaped) text such as base64 encoded data. This is very useful if you want to transmit an ASIC-container or other non-XML based payload. SBDH doesn’t allow for this (the content type is “element-only”) and that is a significant drawback. The implementers of SBDH would need to create an inner envelope which would allow non-element content .


So, my question is – would it be useful to have an attribute or element on the Payload or PayloadContent indicating the encoding type of the payload data? Essentially informing the receiver about the fact that the payload is non-xml (in case non-xml is used)?


/Martin Forsberg

Single Face To Industry, Sweden



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