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Subject: Fwd: [TICC-Dev] 27/10/2015 -Planned SML New Release Deployment [BDMSL]

Dear all

Please see below announcement from OpenPEPPOL, adding support for BDXL.

Best regards,


Begin forwarded message:

From: <CEF-EDELIVERY-SUPPORT@ec.europa.eu>
Date: October 26, 2015 at 6:27:17 AM GMT-5
To: <ticc-members@peppol.eu>, <Ticc-dev@peppol.eu>, <Oo@peppol.eu>
Cc: <Kelly.LILJEMO@ec.europa.eu>, <Clothilde.WATTEL@ec.europa.eu>, <CEF-EDELIVERY-SUPPORT@ec.europa.eu>, <Joao.RODRIGUES-FRADE@ec.europa.eu>
Subject: [TICC-Dev] 27/10/2015 -Planned SML New Release Deployment [BDMSL]

Dear eDelivery users,


We are pleased to inform you that the deployment of the new SML release "BDMSL" component is planned for tomorrow, Tuesday October 27.

The new component (Business Document Metadata Service Locator BDMSL) includes the following new features:


•             Enhances compliance with SML specification

•             Adds support for Oasis BDXL specification

•             U-NAPTR and CNAME records

•             Adds service to allow SMP to change their certificate

•             Support for multiple business domains

•             Support for DNSSEC

•             Enhances logging

•             Enhances users and roles management

•             Enhances unit and integration testing

•             Enhances database versioning with Liquibase

•             Adds support for certificate revocation check (CRL)

•             Work managers to limit the load on servers for guaranteed performance (Weblogic only)

•             Fixes EDELIVERY-294: Improve the signature of the SML Read Service Metadata service

•             New monitoring service

•             New service to list all participants (PEPPOL Yellow Pages)


May you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,


The CEF Support Team

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