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Subject: Business Document Envelope 1.1 - CSD01WD01 ready for review

Fellow BDXR committee members,

I have created the first working draft of the first committee specification draft of BDE Version 1.1 here:


In the process of producing the schemas, I noted a fault in the schemas published for BDE Version 1.0 in that the cardinality of one of the items is incorrectly expressed. The value is correct in the documentation but incorrect in the schema.

Fortunately, correcting this fault is backward compatible with the fault itself, so no instances of the published BDE 1.0 schemas are not validated by the BDE 1.1 schemas. But in the revision history I do note the repair in cardinality.

I have also initiated the project with TC Admin by formally requesting a starter document, though I had already gone ahead and created my own starter document in order to complete the work ASAP. And since it is in DocBook, I had the tools already. I have pointed TC Admin to the working draft for their attention and review:


Please prepare to discuss this working draft at our upcoming meeting, currently scheduled for the Wednesday coming up. This isn't a voting document as no doubt I have missed something in the initiation of the new work product based on the old work product. I'm hoping better eyes than mine will find any faults I have introduced.

In this working draft I have added new user requirements reflecting the additions we made to the document model, and I've summarized the schema differences between 1.0 and 1.1. I also updated the class diagram. I couldn't think of anything else to add ... perhaps someone else will notice something. We also may get editing directives from TC Admin.

Oh ... if you want to discuss this over the TC mail list in advance of Wednesday's meeting, that's fine with me too! I can produce additional working drafts before the meeting.

Thank you for your input!

. . . . . . . Ken

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