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Subject: Re: [bdxr-comment] RfCs SMP specification OASIS

Dear Gregory

On behalf of the BDXR TC, once again thank you for the comments received. As promised in my previous email we have reviewed the change requests, and in most cases we were able to reach an immediate conclusion. The TC will publish and share with you an official comment resolution log. Meanwhile please see our comments and resolutions here: 

There are three specific comments where we found that we need more information and insight into the underlying requirement to be able to properly evaluate the requested changes: CR001: Add an additional "status" metadata, CR005: Change end record names from "Document" to "Resource", and CR007: Multiple signatures. We would very much like to coordinate a conference call meeting with you and your team to talk more about these, and it would be particularly helpful if someone from your eHealth domain could join us. Could you suggest a few possible time slots within the next couple of weeks?

Our next TC conference call is March 16 It would be very helpful if we can talk before, so that we can progress faster with the comment resolution.

Best regards,

Kenneth Bengtsson



Please find hereby our RfCs for the SMP specifications of OASIS.

Please, do let me know if any more details are needed.


Thank you.




Gregory Steenbeek

CEF Stakeholder Management Office 


European Commission

Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT)
Information Systems for policy support and activity management


B-1049 Brussels/Belgium



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