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Subject: Minutes of BDXR TC meeting March 16, 2016



Jens Aabol
Kenneth Bengtsson (chair)
Erlend Klakegg Bergheim
Sander Fieten
G. Ken Holman
Sven Rasmussen

Regrets received in advance:

Klaus Vilstrup Pedersen

SMP 1.0 CSD 04

The meeting went through the change requests received from DIGIT and the eHealth community (see: Please https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/bdxr-comment/201602/msg00002.html and https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/bdxr/201603/msg00004.html):

CR001: Add an additional "status" metadata

It had been clarified in a previous meeting that the eHealth community needs the new Status field for exchanging connectivity information using the values "in accordance", "expired", "suspended", "revoked", and "not in accordance".

It was concluded that this functionality can be accomplished using the existing "ServiceActivationDate" and "ServiceExpirationDate" SMP elements, and by simply observing the presence or absence of records for end point services. Alternatively, we will recommend adding specific status description values in extensions, as the use case is too narrow to justify a general change of the XML schema. It was agreed to document this in the official comment resolution log.

The CR001 discussion brought up the general question whether a "Status" element to signal scheduled maintenance and other temporary end point service information. Kenneth to make a proposal for a "generic" Status element to be discussed at a later date.

CR005: Change end record names from "Document" to "Resource"

Kenneth to draft a text for the SMP specification explaining that the concept of "Document" in SMP may also refer to a "Resource" (as is the case with eHealth).

CR007: Multiple signatures

It was agreed that the requested functionality is best accomplished using SMP extensions, as the use case is too narrow to qualify for a change of the specification. Sander to draft a proposal for how to add the extra required signature using an extension, and the TC’s final recommendation will be included in the comment resolution log.

CR008: Multiple extensions

The discussion of how to include support for multiple extensions was renewed with Ken pointing the attention to the BDE implementation. It was agreed to reevaluate the previous decision of changing the cardinality of the xs:any, and to instead looking at reusing the structure of the BDE extension within SMP. See:

https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/bdxr/201603/msg00006.html, and


It was agreed to include in our next meeting a vote for requesting a Special Majority Vote for the approval of the current working draft of BDE 1.1 as a Committee Specification.


There was no other business.


March 30 2016, regular conference call
April 13 2016, regular conference call
April 27 2016, regular conference call

Kenneth Bengtsson

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