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Subject: Re: UN/CEFACT SBDH / OASIS BDXR BDE joint conference call

Dear colleagues:

As previously announced, a joint conference call between UN/CEFACT and OASIS BDXR TC will be held next week on Friday June 24th at 1500 CEST to elaborate on the possibility to organize a joint business document envelope project. I will send out a meeting invitation shortly, including GotoMeeting call details as well as the suggested agenda below:

1) Introduction and project background
2) OASIS BDE background and the concept of a document envelope vs. a document header
3) UN/CEFACT SBDH view on future development
4) Common interests and motivation for a joint project
5) Feasibility of a joint project (establishment of interest and commitment of resources)
6) Project organization and practical implementation
7) Next meeting and follow up
8) Any other business

Best regards,

Kenneth Bengtsson

On 6/2/16, 10:24 PM, "Kenneth Bengtsson" <kenneth@alfa1lab.com> wrote:

>Dear M&T and BDXR colleagues:
>Thank you for responding to the Doodle for finding the best possible 
>time for an initial conference call for discussing a collaborative 
>effort for a business document envelope specification. From the replies 
>it seems that the June 24th at 1500 CEST is the best option:
>A meeting invite with dial-in information and an agenda for the meeting 
>will be send out in advance.
>Best regards,
>Kenneth Bengtsson

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