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Subject: Re: UN/CEFACT SBDH / OASIS BDXR BDE joint conference call

Dear colleagues

Attached please find the draft meeting minutes from our previous conference call considering a joint UN/CEFACT SBDH / OASIS BDE project, as well as a draft project proposal as discussed at the meeting. Please let me know of any comments you may have to either document, and looking forward to continue the talk at our next meeting.

Following the responses received through the Doodle (), the tentative date and time for the follow-up call is Thursday September 1, 2016 at 1400 CEST:


Best regards,

Kenneth Bengtsson

On 6/2/16, 10:24 PM, "Kenneth Bengtsson" <kenneth@alfa1lab.com> wrote:

    Dear M&T and BDXR colleagues:
    Thank you for responding to the Doodle for finding the best possible 
    time for an initial conference call for discussing a collaborative 
    effort for a business document envelope specification. From the replies 
    it seems that the June 24th at 1500 CEST is the best option:
    A meeting invite with dial-in information and an agenda for the meeting 
    will be send out in advance.
    Best regards,
    Kenneth Bengtsson

Attachment: Document header and envelop project proposal_V01 - KB comments.docx
Description: Document header and envelop project proposal_V01 - KB comments.docx

Attachment: CEFACT-BDXR draft meeting minutes.docx
Description: CEFACT-BDXR draft meeting minutes.docx

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