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Subject: Text on case (in)sensitivity of identifiers

Hi all,

I got a question about the text in the current SMP specification (wd09) on how identifiers should be compared and what this means for an implementor. In section 2.4 there is no general normative statement on case sensitivity when comparing identifiers. In sections 2.4.5 and 2.4.6 on participant and document identifiers however it is stated that these identifiers should be compared case insensitive unless the identifier scheme [specification] defines otherwise. As a result it is not clear what applies to identifiers of the identifier schemes themselves and to the process identifier. I assume because no statement is made that these are to be compared case sensitive. This however could be clarified. 

If you want to implement a generic SMP server this implies that it is able to execute the participant and document identifier comparison based on the identifier scheme used and its requirements on case sensitivity. Although this already follows from the current text it might be better to make this more clear.

Maybe we can discuss this on our next call?


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