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Subject: Re: ETSI ESI STF523 and standards for Electronic Registered Delivery and Registered Electronic Mail services

Dear Juan Carlos


Thank you very much for your email, and congratulations with this important initiative.


I had the opportunity to present your communication to the TC at our biweekly meeting today. We are looking much forward to following your work, and will be happy to provide you with support and input as you may need going forward.


Best regards,


Kenneth Bengtsson



From: Juan Carlos Cruellas <cruellas@ac.upc.edu>
Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 6:25 AM
To: Kenneth Bengtsson <kenneth@alfa1lab.com>, "svrra@digst.dk" <svrra@digst.dk>
Subject: ETSI ESI STF523 and standards for Electronic Registered Delivery and Registered Electronic Mail services


Dear Kenneth and Sven,

I would like to inform you about a recently started activity by the ETSI ESI TC and which may be of interest to you as member of the TC. ETSI ESI TC is the Technical Committee in charge of producing standards for electronic signatures and related infrastructures. As such this committee is in charge of producing standards for supporting the eIDAS Regulation (EU) 910/2014. You can find more information the ESI TC activities by following this link: https://portal.etsi.org/TBSiteMap/ESI/ESIActivities.aspx

As you may know the eIDAS regulation also includes Electronic Registered Delivery Services as trust services and defines requirements for both non-qualified as well as qualified ERDSs. More information on the eIDAS regulation can be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/trust-services-and-eid

Very recently ETSI ESI TC has set up the STF-523 (STF standing for Specialists Task Force) and which I am a member of. The STF is a team of experts for developing technical standards for provision of Electronic Registered Delivery Services (ERDS) and Qualified Electronic Registered Delivery Services (QERDS) as defined within eIDAS. This also includes the generation of technical standards for Registered Electronic Mail (REM), which ESI TC considers a specific type of ERDS. This activity is funded by the European Commission.

You may find more detailed information about the scope, the deliverables, methodology and time frame at the STF-523 public web page: https://portal.etsi.org/STF/stfs/STFHomePages/STF523

As you can see at the STF’s web page the work will include the specification of bindings to different transport architectures and protocols. As the e-Delivery architecture developed by the European Commission is based on the four-corner model and related SMP and BDXL specification developed by the BDXR TC the work of the ETSI STF may be of interest to you. As the STF team is firmly convinced that the success of the work to be carried out will depend among other things of establishing and good liaisons and carrying out proper collaborations with the most relevant actors in the ERDS field, we will keep you informed on any relevant developments by the STF. This includes providing you with draft versions of the standard being developed by the STF for the TC to review.

I look forward hearing from you and being able to establish a liaison that allows fluent exchange of information and views, and on behalf of the STF 523 team, thank you for your attention.

Best regards


Juan Carlos Cruellas.

STF 523 leader

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