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Subject: Erratum identified: Business Document Envelope v1.1 Committee Specification 01

Fellow BDXR TC members,

This post is for the record that an erratum has been identified (thanks, Kenneth!) in BDE v1.1 CS01 in the documentation for the payload information:


The second information item incorrectly documented as DocumentTypeID is, in fact, correctly DocumentTypeCode in the model and in the schema:

<xsd:element ref="cbc:DocumentTypeCode" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1">
<ccts:DictionaryEntryName>Payload. Document Type Code. Code</ccts:DictionaryEntryName> <ccts:Definition>This element identifies the type of the payload instance in the envelope.</ccts:Definition>
           <ccts:PropertyTerm>Document Type Code</ccts:PropertyTerm>
           <ccts:DataType>Code. Type</ccts:DataType>

The OASIS process only describes approving errata for OASIS Standards, not for Committee Specifications:


... and so I propose we wait to make the edit until we decide how we are to proceed with the Committee Specification in light of the collaborative work with SBDH.

. . . . . . Ken

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