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bdxr message

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Subject: SMP 2.0 comments

Dear all


Iâve progressed with the comment resolution log for the second public review of SMP 2.0. The attached is a status of the work so far, please have a look at it if you find the time.


Outstanding issues at this point:


1) XML schemas:

- Philip commented that the version numbers in the XSD headers are not updated.

- Last week we made a clarification of the definitions of ActivationDate and ExpirationDate of the Endpoint class and of the Certificate class. These need to be reflected in the XSD annotations as well.

Ken and I are working on these.


2) Example for the JSON identifier scheme:

Awaiting example from Erlend.


3) Comments from the CEF eDelivery Team:

We didnât get to discuss these comments last week, but I believe weâve thoroughly debated the issues before. Iâve made proposals for resolutions in the attached (the ones marked with orange). Please have a look at these.


Best regards,





Attachment: bdx-smp-v2.0-csprd02-comment-resolution-log 190329.xlsx
Description: bdx-smp-v2.0-csprd02-comment-resolution-log 190329.xlsx

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