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Subject: Agenda for Pacific BDXR TC call 02 August 2022 22:00UTC

Agenda for Pacific BDXR TC call 02 August 2022 22:00UTC


Pacific: 17:00MSP/00:00Europe/18:00Ottawa/22:00UTC/08:00Sydney


Conferencing info


Meeting ID: 547 975 473

Passcode: oasis


Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:



Or iPhone one-tap (US toll):

+13462487799,,547975473#,,,,,,0#,,130346# US (Houston)

+16465588656,,547975473#,,,,,,0#,,130346# US (New York)


Or international dial-in number (toll):


Meeting ID: 547 975 473

Passcode: 130346


Standing items


TC Vitality

The TC must next appoint or reappoint chair(s) in January 2023.

Next TC vitality check must be made in January 2025.


Review of Pacific call minutes



Review of Atlantic call minutes



Membership status review



Voting status is determined by the following:

-   existing voting members must not miss two consecutive meetings to maintain voting status

-   non-voting members must attend two consecutive meetings to obtain voting status

-   members formally on leave by prior request must not attend and their voting status is not impacted


Current BDXR TC voting member list (alphabetical):


-   Kenneth Bengtsson

-   Erlend Klakegg Bergheim

-   Kees Duvekot

-   Sander Fieten

-   Levine Naidoo


Members losing voting status after this meeting:

-   Kees Duvekot


AS4 Profile for Four-corner Networks


Agreed to move forward as a candidate OASIS Standard. Statements of Use?




Requirement gathering for BDXL 1.1 still in progress. Notes available here: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/bdxr/202205/msg00003.html


discovery through Blockchain


Anything to share?


TC conference call schedule


Face-to-face meeting

Invitation to meet in Oslo together with the UBL meeting, for example back-to-back with the Exchange Summit Europe second half of 2022.


Call schedule


Agreed to cancel the meeting 23/2 and then every second meeting for the months of March and April.


Agreed to cancel meetings for the month of March. Next TC meeting will be April 13/14.



-   Pacific: 17:00MSP/00:00Europe/18:00Ottawa/22:00UTC/08:00Sydney

-   Atlantic: 10:00MSP/11:00Ottawa/15:00UTC/17:00Europe


-   Pacific: 17:00MSP/00:00Europe/18:00Ottawa/22:00UTC/08:00Sydney

-   Atlantic: 10:00MSP/11:00Ottawa/15:00UTC/17:00Europe


-   Pacific: 17:00MSP/00:00Europe/18:00Ottawa/22:00UTC/09:00Sydney

-   Atlantic: 10:00MSP/11:00Ottawa/15:00UTC/17:00Europe


-   Pacific: 17:00MSP/23:00Europe/18:00Ottawa/22:00UTC/09:00Sydney

-   Atlantic: 11:00MSP/12:00Ottawa/16:00UTC/17:00Europe


-   Pacific: 16:00MSP/23:00Europe/17:00Ottawa/22:00UTC/09:00Sydney

-   Atlantic: 10:00MSP/11:00Ottawa/16:00UTC/17:00Europe


Other business


As comes forward


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