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Subject: List of useful OASIS resources for your TC

Members of the Biometrics TC, 

Again, congratulations on getting the TC off to a successful start. Here are some pointers to resources that may be useful to you as you move your work forward. 

- General OASIS policies and guidelines

1. The OASIS Technical Committee Process and Intellectual Property Rights policy documents - these are two of the primary documents that govern work at OASIS. The IPR documentation may be relevant if a TC member intends to contribute a particular work to the TC. 


2. The OASIS Naming Directives document - This document spells out the rules governing filenames and URIs for Technical Committee Work Products. 


3. The OASIS Liaison Policy - this is the policy that governs relationships between OASIS and other organizations and may be of interest if the TC is considering submitting work to other organizations in the future. 


4. Other OASIS policies and guidelines - the full list of OASIS policy and guidelines documents can be found at


- TC-specific resources 

5. Your Charter

Your charter is the document that governs the work of your TC. In particular, it spells out what is in and out of scope and the essential objectives that you have set out to address.  


6. Your public and internal TC Home Page - the public page is the web page visitors to www.oasis-open.org see. The internal page is where you can manage your roster, start electronic ballots, store working documents, etc.  


7. Your TC email list and comment lists - the comment list is the only allowed channel for non-OASIS member comments to the TC. You must subscribe to the comment list explicitly by sending a blank email to biometrics-comment-subscribe@lists.oasis-open.org. We recommend that the Chair assign a member of the TC to explicitly be responsible for monitoring the comment list. The archives for your lists can be found at:   


8. TC Document Repository - this is where you can store your meeting minutes, working drafts, etc. 


- Other sources of helpful information 

9. Help with Kavi - on the main page of your internal TC web page you will find a link to the Kavi Group help manual. This link will take you directly to that page. 


10. The OASIS TC Handbook - provides specifics on how the TC Process policies are put into practice 


11. TC Admin support request forms - These are the tickets you use to request working draft templates, ballots, public reviews, etc. These forms formally create the tickets used by TC Admin to manage its work. TC Admin will not take requests for support for these routine activities by email. The forms can also be found under the Resources tab on the OASIS home page 

12. The OASIS Library -- this is where approved Work Products (Committee Specification Drafts, etc.) of your TC will be published. The top level directory will be created when your first approved work product is ready. 


In addition to these, you can be set up to use the OASIS wiki, JIRA issues tracking tool, SVN version-control tool and web conferencing chat room. Let me know if and when you are interested in using any of these tools. 

Best regards, 

Chet Ensign
Director of Standards Development and TC Administration 
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

Primary: +1 973-996-2298
Mobile: +1 201-341-1393

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