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biometrics message

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Subject: Biometrics TC Meeting #5

TC Members,


Sorry for sending out the agenda so late. Below is the information for today’s meeting.







USA Dial-in:  866-692-3158

Spain Dial-in:  800-098-589

Netherlands: 0800-020-1432

Dial-in passcode: 246638742782# ("biometricstc")


Live Minutes:



Chat Room:



Dial-in information relevant to current voting members are listed here. See "Biometrics TC Standing Dial-in Information" document for the complete list of available international numbers.


This meeting counts towards voter eligibility.




1.       Administrative

a.       Call to order

b.      Roll call

c.       Review and approval of agenda

2.       Review of minutes from previous meeting

3.       Chair’s remarks

a.       Dial in information

4.       Liaison reports

a.       SC 37

b.      INCITS M1

c.       Trust Elevation

5.       TC Business

a.       IPR Update

b.      Publication

c.       Live preview

6.       Schedule

7.       New business

8.       Member visions and goals

9.       Action Items

10.   Adjourn


See the "Live Meeting Agenda & Minutes" link for agenda details. After the meeting, an archival copy of the agenda and minutes will be posted to the OASIS Biometrics TC website.



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