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Subject: Biometric Application Type - Operational Metrics Profile

Dear all,

As a follow-up item from our last meeting please find the template 'Biometric Application Type / Operational Metrics Profile' (also attached in OpenDocument format).

Your feedback is welcome; both regarding the format of the template and your actual list of operational metrics in any application(s) that is your focus. Please also share with any organization that might be interested.

Regards, Babak 

See our 62 seconds "The Big Basic Questions in Managing Biometric Applications; A BioUptime introduction [HD]" on Youtube.

Founded in 2003, Optimum Biometric Labs pioneered the cloud, big data, and 'Internet of Things' concepts for monitoring vital operational aspects of connected biometric devices and services. Today, the company is helping biometrics operators and system-owners to offer and maintain maximum quality to users while minimizing operational costs.

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Babak Goudarzi Pour (LinkedIn)
CEO, Optimum Biometric Labs
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Swedish (SIS) technical expert to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC37 - Biometrics
Chairman, Swedish National Biometric Association

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Attachment: Biometric Application Type - Operational Metrics Profile.ods
Description: application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet

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