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Subject: Grid ComForum 2010 | Call for Presentations

Dear OASIS Blue Members,

Below are a few details on an open call for presentations for Grid
ComForum 2010, which will be held 2-3 February in Santa Clara.  The
deadline for proposals is 30 October.  Please review and let me know if
any members are interested in submitting a proposal.  I would be happy to
assist in the process.

Kind regards, Jane

About the Call for Presentations:

Grid ComForum 2010
February 2-3, 2010
Santa Clara, CA

Submitting a Proposal:  Companies that wish to host a session at the Grid
ComForum are invited to submit a proposal for review. Proposals should
contain the following information:

1. Proposed Panelists you will invite to participate in your session
2. Proposed title of the session
3. A 150-word abstract of what will be covered in the session
4. Description of the company's reason or positioning for organizing the
5. Name, biography, email and mailing address of the proposed session chair
6. Name and information for contact person for the session

Session proposals are due to the IEC by Friday, October 30, 2009 and
should be submitted online here:  
http://www.iec.org/events/spt/sessionLogin.asp?CONF_ID=102. Proposals will
be reviewed by the Grid ComForum Executive Committee.

Jane Harnad
Manager of Events, OASIS
Office Hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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