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bpel4people-editors message

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Subject: Submission of B4P CD-03 Rev4 / WS-HT CD-03 Rev6 - For considerationas CD-04

TC Members,


On behalf of the Editors, I’m pleased to submit to the TC the BPEL4People Committee Draft 03 (Revision 4) and WS-HT Committee Draft 03 (Revision 6) specifications for review.  You will find posted to the OASIS Kavi at http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/bpel4people/download.php/32775/rev128.zip a ZIP containing:


1.       Redlined versions of the specs, and

2.       All current XML Schema and WSDL documents


We are submitting these specs to the TC for a 2-week review leading up to the upcoming FTF where the intent is for the TC to vote to approve these drafts are Committee Draft 4.




Luc Clément

Active Endpoints, Inc



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