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bpel4people message

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Subject: reminder-and resend- Draft 1 agenda for initial BPEL4PEOPLE TC meeting - Wed 05 Mar 2008 - 8:00 AM PST

Hi, (resending as a reminder),
   In my role as convener, please find the draft (rev 1) agenda,  
including call-in logistics for the initial meeting of the OASIS  
   Please send me comments/suggestions/errors.

Call-in Logistics

   Wed 05 March 2008 - 8:00-10:00 AM PST

  The conference id/password are: 190605#/BPEL4PEOPLE#  
(190605#2735473653#)  (#5 toggles mute on/off) Please mute your line  
when not talking.
   From the AMER region dial:
   From the APAC region dial:
        1800 222 712 (Australia toll-free)
        800 9491 2777
        +61 2 8817 6100
   From the EMEA region dial:
        +44 118 924 9000

   In addition we will make use of an INFORMAL chat room, to help do  
queue management and as an INFORMAL communication convenience for  
those members who have online access. No official business will be  
conducted on the chat room and you do not have to be logged in to be  
recognized to speak (you will have to speak up though :-)
   The url we will use is: http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/ 

Draft Agenda

1. Welcome: Convener
       Note: under OASIS (IPR) rules, only TC Members may speak.  
Observers are just that.

2. Introductions and roll call: Convener
       People who were approved as members on the roster as of 23:45  
EST 7 days before the call AND who attend this meeting acquire voting  
rights immediately. All others will have to follow the normal oasis  
process of attending 2 consecutive meetings. Snapshots of the  
eligible people were sent out previously:
Hopefully there won't be any issues. If so, OASIS TC Admin staff  
(subject to the usual appeals process) will make any necessary  

       Note: Members who join late should announce themselves to  
establish their voting status.

     TC roster

3. Appointment of Note taker(s): Convener
      We need someone to keep a record of the proceedings, so please  
volunteer if you can take minutes. At a minimum what needs to be  
recorded is formal motions, votes, and action items.

4. Election of TC chair(s), Convener

The rules require one Chair be elected at the initial meeting or the  
TC is considered not to have successfully been started and is  
automatically closed. So electing someone would be a "good thing".  
Election of a chair requires a Full Majority Vote, which means that  
50%+1 of the entire voting membership must vote affirmatively for a  
candidate. If everyone whom i believe is eligible to become a voting  
member shows up, the TC will have a voting membership of 40, and 21  
affirmative votes will be needed to elect someone. (I'll adjust as  
appropriate once the roll call is complete.)

TCs MAY, if they so choose have two co-equal chairs. As of the  
writing of this email, i haven't heard any definitive rumblings so we  
will play it by ear. If someone wishes to have two co-chairs they can  
make a motion to do so (requires a simple majority), either before we  
elect one person, or after, though it would be nice to let folks know  
before we start the election(s) so they have a better idea of how  
they might wish to vote.

   a. Nominations
        Voting members are eligible to become chairs and may be self- 
nominated. Folks who are interested in throwing their hat in the ring  
are encouraged, but not required, to send a message to that effect to  
the TC mailing list in advance of the meeting.

   b. Statements from Candidates
         allow a reasonable time -- 5 mins or so for candidates to  
make statements
   c. Discussion
         allow some time,  10-15 mins, for non-repetitive discussion  
if members desire

   d. Call for votes (if we are electing co-chairs, then we i will  
run a separate 2nd election because of the full majority requirement.  
So first we fill one position, and then we will vote to fill the 2nd  
one if necessary.
        Each member may vote for one candidate.
        If a candidate gets the required 50%+1, then that candidate  
is elected.
        If no one does, then a run-off will be immediately held,  
eliminating the candidate with the lowest number of votes. In the  
event of a tie for lowest number of votes then we will ballot again  
(and again ...) until someone changes their vote. Eventually someone  
will get the 50%+1, or it is possible that no one does. In that case  
case, we'll start over again with nominations until a chair is  
elected or we are too exhausted.

    [ For you amusement I draw your attention to the 1924 Democratic  
Party United States presidential nominating convention which required  
103 ballots to select a presidential candidate. After Al Smith and  
William McAdoo exhausted themselves, a "dark horse", Al Davis was  
selected. He was ultimately defeated by Calvin Coolidge in the  
general election by a landslide. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ 

      If the TC decides to have co-chairs, then i'll check to see if  
the candidates who did not win the first round, wish to stand again;  
and ask for any other nominations and brief statements from any new  
candidates. Then we'll do it again. If no one achieves the 50%+1,  
we'll call it a day on chair elections. The TC can always decide at a  
future meeting to elect a co-chair so this is not a disaster.

      Please note, that if we get in a situation where there is only  
one candidate in contention, I will first ask if there is an  
objection to unanimous consent (Please don't be shy if you don't want  
to vote affirmatively) to avoid the time consuming process of doing a  
roll call vote.

   e. Hand-off of meeting from convener to newly elected chair(s).

5. Approval/agenda bashing of (remaining) meeting agenda (items  
5-10):  TC Chair(s)

6. Introduction to OASIS process: OASIS staff

7. Standing rules: TC Chair(s)
       TCs are allowed to adopt standing rules (which are consistent  
with the default OASIS TC Process) to augment the process by which  
the TC conducts its business.

       Possible motion: Adopt a standing rule allowing the TC to make  
binding decisions via web ballots.

8. Future meetings -  proposed conf call schedule, possible f2f  
meetings: TC Chair(s)

     This will obviously require some discussion. A starting  
assumption could be to use this time slot, since at least all of you  
could make it.

9. Charter overview, plan of work, TC organization, other logistics :  
TC Chair(s)
      a. Charter overview	
      b. TC Roles that may need to be filled, some more immediately  
than others: editors, notetakers, issues list, implementation/test  

10. AOB

Useful URLs

  Original Call for Participation:

  TC home page:

  TC charter:

  Email archive:

  Document repository


  Future meeting schedule

Jeff Mischkinsky			          		jeff.mischkinsky@oracle.com
Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Web Services Standards	+1(650) 
Consulting Member Technical Staff           			500 Oracle Parkway, M/ 
S 4OP9
Oracle								Redwood Shores, CA 94065

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