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Subject: Re: [bpel4people] Editors SC Process - For Comment

Hi Luc,

I would suggest adding the word "technical" or "specification" documents to
the following sentence:

The collection of TC ** technical** documents, including but not limited to
TC drafts ...

since there is and will be a variety of other documents posted to Kavi that
the TC chair or other TC members will manage. For instance, the spreadsheet
I use to manage attendance, meeting agendas & minutes, etc.

Regards, Dave Ings,
Emerging Software Standards
Email: ings@ca.ibm.com
Yahoo Messenger: dave_ings

  From:       "Luc Clement" <luc.clement@activevos.com>                
  To:         <bpel4people@lists.oasis-open.org>                       
  Date:       2008/04/16 01:57 PM                                      
  Subject:    [bpel4people] Editors SC Process - For Comment           

The Editors Sub Committee has posted to
 (and found below) the following for the TC?s consideration:

      a.       Statement of Purpose
      b.      Issues Management (i.e. where to access the issues list)
      c.       Collaborative Workspace (i.e. use of SourceForge)
      d.      Process relating to the Draft submissions for approval by the

Comments welcomed.

On behalf of the Editors SC

Luc Clément
Active Endpoints, Inc
+1.978.793.2162  | luc.clement@activevos.com

Statement of Purpose for the BPEL4People Editors Sub Committee

The collection of TC documents, including but not limited to TC drafts,
individual submissions, Committee Specifications, is managed by the TC
Editor Function (the "TC Editor" aka "bpel4people-editors"). The TC Editor
is a role that is occupied by one or more TC members. Issues tracking and
management is the responsibility of the Issues Editor, a role assigned by
the TC.

The TC Editor is addressed by electronic mail using the address:

The TC Editor has responsibility for incorporating agreed resolutions to TC
issues. Among other activities it will be responsible for assigning
document filenames (according to the guidelines in this document),
ascertaining whether said documents meet the guidelines as specified in
this document, remanding the documents to the authors if deemed necessary
(e.g. if the document(s) don't meet these guidelines), publishing said
documents on the TC website and denoting status thereof (e.g. whether the
document(s) are a TC Draft, or Committee Specification) upon the
BPEL4People TC approval.

Meeting Schedule
The SC will meet weekly. Please note that Kavi calendaring is not used.

SC meetings are scheduled every week to start at 12:00ET on Wed or
immediately following the BPEL4People TC meeting on alternate weeks.

Time: 12:00 - 13:30 US ET (or later following a TC mtg)
Event Hosted by IBM (bridge to be opened by Dieter Koenig):
North American toll-free number: 866-245-5059
European toll-free number: (00)-800-4444-1010
International number: 416-343-2607

Conference ID: 2388736

Issues Management

The BPEL4People TC and the Editors SC use JIRA for issues management. This
content can be accessed anonymously at http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BP.

Collaborative Workspace

The BPEL4People Editors SC uses Subversion (SVN) to collaborate on
intermediate versions of documents. This content can be accessed
anonymously at http://wsbpel4people.cvs.sourceforge.net/wsbpel4people/.

Draft submissions for approval by the BPEL4People TC

Periodically, the SC will submit to the TC a list of changes applied to the
specs/WSDL/XSDs for review. The rate and number of issues incorporated and
submitted to the TC will depend on a number of factors. Ease of review will
be the primary criterion dictating when a version of a document should be
submitted to the TC for consideration.

The SC will aim to provide the TC at least one (1) week for review of the
documents. Upon approval by the TC a designated editor will accept all
changes approved and submit the document(s) to SVN hosted on

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