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Subject: RE: [bpel4people] ISSUE BP-2: Defer Activation Time is missing from HT protocol message


I believe that Mark Ford may not have made a mistake when he suggested that the protocol for WS-HT specifies only an exact time for DeferActivationTime, while B4P allows either <for> or <until> for the corresponding <deferActivation> element.


When the duration form of deferAction is used (<for>), there should be a single point in time when the timer for the duration starts.  It is the B4P process that should start the timer, figure out when the end time is going to be, and then send the end time for the deferral to the task.


If that is true, then the previously accepted resolution for issue 2 is valid.  We may, however, want to say explicitly in B4P that the people activity is responsible for computing an absolute time from the duration, rather than leaving it up to the task.


Michael Rowley



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